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Chris "Notice me, give me attention because I'm not getting enough in my niche market" Pronger has decided to vent about the rumours surrounding his departure from the Oilers this summer -- mostly involving alleged infidelities.

Forgive me, but has this issue recently resurfaced? Has there been any discussion involving potential marital indiscretion? So why is Pronger continuing to talk about it?

Here's a choice quote from the Edmonton Journal:

"I've heard all the nasty stuff, about all my girlfriends...that I've got more kids than I started with. I must have six kids out there."

Well, where are the other five, Chrissy?

4 responses to "Did anyone bother to tell Chris Pronger that we no longer cared?"

  1. We no longer care, but Chris does. He's the star of: Chris Pronger - the Movie, and he expects sympathy.

    Remember nobody, NOBODY pan possibly feel the world-ending sandness he's going through right now. Only he caries that terrible burdeg.


  2. Interestingly enough while he restated all of those rumours, he did nothing in the way of denying them.

    Just sayin'.

    Anyways, long-time reader of your blog and column, just popping in to say hello.


  3. I guess it just boggles one's mind? That does not mean I care much, but he was living the canadian dream.

    How can a guy give up the once i a life time career moment of being on a stanley cup contender especially when hes getting paid good money. How can his Wife not understand that?

    Weird!!! Its like marrying a star sumo wrestler and then making him move to china.


  4. Hey Sherry...welcome aboard!

    The Universal Cynic