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When it comes to Senators hockey, 99% of the time, we'd rather spend any game night with Bad Religion instead. We did just that on Wednesday, blowing off the Sens' preseason home opener vs. the Leafs, and instead heading down to the Civic Centre for a very decent show. (Apparently the boys gave the 67's a surprise when they turned up in their dressing room unexpectedly.)

I've privately been taken to task about my comments regarding some of the newest Sens, so I thought last night would be a good time to confirm my findings regarding Joe Corvo with L.A. Kings freak and Bad Religion guitarist, Greg Hetson.

Guess what? Greg said that "(Corvo) has always been like that. He's always been frantic." Oh, so it wasn't just the nerves of training camp? Fantastic.

As for Kings forward Sean Avery, Greg claims the instigator always knew that he was going to be re-signed with L.A. Avery went so far as to allegedly state, "How could they not re-sign me? If I'm not there, who's going to come out to see the (Kings)?"

Like I said, typical Avery. Sure sounds like him.

3 responses to "Classic Bad Religion...typical Sean Avery"

  1. Taken to task?!

    Not by the Sun, I hope. I've had it with their milquetoast, lapdog coverage of the Senators. Why can't they ever say something critical of the team? Oh, everything is always hunky-dory, unless the season collapses, and then the gloves come off for a month until Boo-Boo goes on his summer pilgrammage to eat every donut he can find. I'm pretty sure that's what he does while he's away, anyway. He definitely isn't hitting the gym.


  2. Oh no, Wardo. This has nothing to do with the Sun. I'm talking about casual emails with friends that run more along the lines of, "Stop being such a harsh, toffee-nosed cow."

    The Universal Cynic

  3. That response didn't help much...now I'm left wondering what "toffee-nosed" means...