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A quick thought on Don Brennan's column suggesting that Ottawa Senators fans show up to games with paper bags on their heads...

Sure, it'll be good for a two-second lead-in to the game highlights on SportsCentre, but then what? In the past few years, the Senators have shown little interest in quelling fans' white noise, regardless of whether it comes in the form of embarrassment, disgust or any other visceral reaction.

In this business - and many others like it - nothing hurts more than indifference, and nothing expedites conflict resolution in a quicker fashion. Am I encouraging it? What do you think? Sure, it's obviously best to ride this mess of a season out, if only to take Bryan Murray's hand off the button during a rebuild. But there's nothing like a crowd of 10,000 or less in "Hockey Country" to show that this nonsense won't be tolerated.

So take the bag off your head, get out of Scotiabank Place, and go do some grocery shopping. Just because the Sens aren't productive doesn't mean you have to follow suit.

More later.

8 responses to "Playing your way out of a paper bag"

  1. Hahaha... I should expect nothing less from the universal cynic!

    Seriously though, it's a mildly dangerous mentality to think, "Something's not going right? Let's just forget about it and do something else!" It's why the majority people don't vote, why they don't volunteer, and why they don't get active in their communities. It's a lot easier to stay out of the game, and then shake your head telling yourself "I knew it all along" when things go wrong.

    As a counterpoint: Continue to go to games, or at least watching them on TV, and enjoy the positives that you can see (prospects getting looked at, or what-have-you). And as any Senators fan from the early years knows, the painful struggles make the exciting victories that much more enjoyable. That's what being a fan is all about.

    Peter Raaymakers

  2. The NHL is a business. I'm not in the habit of giving my money over if I don't feel I'm getting fair value for it. If the Sens were at least showing some gumption while still losing, perhaps I could make an argument for them.

    Your counterpoint is fine, if you're a fan of this team. I am no longer a fan; I'm an observer. Observers won't suffer through low points when there's far better hockey out there to watch.

    The Universal Cynic

  3. Hear hear.

    Why should I spent 20 cents or five cents on a good paper bag and use it to deride this train wreck of a team and management?

    Rather, I'll stay home and not spend money on them, or spend money on other fun activities and goings out.

    I've been hearing more and more people saying they aren't renewing their season tickets, despite the food and drink and freebie deals.
    Maybe that's the kind of slap in the face Leeder and Melnyk need. If the season ticket base goes to 7,500 or 8,000 or less, they'll have no choice but to act to bring the paying fans into their arena.

    Until then...I'll just enjoy the HDTV.


  4. TUC - the only problem with your point here is that the team HAS been playing to win these last few games. They don't seem to be floating around out there any more like they were earlier in the season. They look to be skating hard, and they're consistently firing 35-40 shots on goal.

    They're just snakebitten... or unlucky... or something, but at least they're trying.


  5. I said I *may* be able to make a point for them. Yes, they're showing more of an effort, but it's still painfully slow and boring hockey to watch.

    Oh, and as for tonight? Don't bother. I refuse to discuss that ridiculousness.

    The Universal Cynic

  6. Well, you sure told them.

    Demanding that a team win all the time isn't just unrealistic but also childish.

    "But Detroit!"

    Yes, and also your friend's parents bought him an Xbox and a PS3 for Christmas, and replaced both when he broke them in fits of frustration. Some people have all the luck.

    No gumption? Would love to see you or any writer publish a piece in which you report your saying such a thing, on the record, that to a player's face.

    Bryan Murray drafted Karlsson. PASS FOR LIFE.


  7. "Demanding that a team win all the time isn't just unrealistic but also childish."

    Where did I say that?

    "No gumption? Would love to see you or any writer publish a piece in which you report your saying such a thing, on the record, that to a player's face."

    They don't need to be told to their faces. I'm sure they already know.

    "Bryan Murray drafted Karlsson. PASS FOR LIFE."

    So, re-sign him for life, yes? By the way, can I get that statement on a t-shirt?

    The Universal Cynic

  8. LaForge,

    Karlsson doesn't defend, isn't producing and turns over the puck when pressured with alarming regularity.

    Not quite Raymond Bourque we have here, hmmm?

    Keep up the good work Erin, hope it's not mind-bogglingly cold over there as it is in the capita, was -30 here the other day.