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Hey Ottawa: Want to know what your No. 1 prospect from 2009 is up to? Enjoy.

3 responses to "Jared Cowen gets his scrap on"

  1. Hmmm - 6'5", mean streak, doesn't mind chucking the knuckles - works for me. Word at the draft was that Cowen would have gone top five if it hadn't been for the knee injury, which frightened some teams away. If this guy can move the puck at all, the Senators may have landed the steal of the '09 draft.

    It is such a crapshoot drafting anyone, let alone guys with injuries. The Canadiens stayed away from Gilbert Brule in '05 because of the "injury prone" whispers. I thought they were stupid to pass on Brule, but it turns out Gainey was right.

    Consider this - in any given year, only about half of the first round picks will go on to sign a significant second NHL contract. Just go over the draft lists from previous years, and you will be shocked at the sheer number of first rounders who washed out.

    Dennis Prouse

  2. Oh my. Oh my my.

    I believe I'll have that cigarette now. And not just for the fight, but for the two bone crushers that preceded it.

    You have done a great public service today, TUC. You should be proud.

    Senators Lost Cojones

  3. If you're going to take something that seriously, you need to get a life. On top of that, I feel extremely sorry for any woman who comes into contact with you, if that's the type of language you deem appropriate, either in public or private.

    The Universal Cynic