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Bunch of freaking ruiners. From Sportsnet:

Martin Gerber will not face his old team tonight, as Ron Wilson announced that Curtis Joseph will start in goal tonight against the Ottawa Senators at Scotiabank Place.

Wilson said that he set his goaltender rotation last week and Gerber is slated to play tomorrow against the New York Islanders. Joseph was in goal at Scotiabank Place nine days ago, when the Leafs defeated the Sens 4-3 in OT.

In other news, Jason Smith's buggered knee will keep him out of the lineup for 10-14 days -- hence the call-up of the Babyface. Sigh. Bad times.

1 response to "Substitute mad dog for Swiss Sea Cow"

  1. CuJo looked suspiciously like a 41 year old goalie on his last legs during his most recent visit here. The only thing that saved him from the loss was the fact that Elliott was worse. There is a good chance that Cujo gets chased early tonight, and the Manatee plays.

    Speaking of Leaf goaltending, why has no one in the media addressed the curious case of Olaf Kolzig? This CBA in particular, and the league in general, are supposed to frown on purely financial trades, yet they allowed Tampa to trade a goalie to the Leafs who is gone for the year for the pure purposes of paying his salary. This was nothing more than a cash poor ownership working a backdoor salary dump in cooperation with the Leafs, yet I hear crickets from the hockey media. Why hasn't the League investigated, and voided, this trade?

    Dennis Prouse