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From TSN.ca:

There were other issues and Emery did not shy away when Landsberg asked about his problems showing up late and behavior at practice.

"I seriously have a tough time showing up on time," he said. "I smacked a water bottle around one day and they said that was me pouting because I wasn't playing, but really I was just pissed off because I didn't do well that practice."

The OTR host then asked if the January 28th incident where Emery was late after going to the on wrong facility on Long Island was a form of protest against the club.

"I wasn't trying to make a statement, (January 28th) was after the All-Star break and I went to the game rink and they were at the practice rink," explained Emery. "I apologized for it then, it was my fault but like I said, I'm not the guy who's really nervous about being late."

Wow, he's really changed, hasn't he?

From The Complete Idiot's Guide to Making A Proper Apology:

Step 1: Apologize with sincerity

Step 2: Pledge to never let it happen again

Step 3: Ask what you can do to make it right

Step 4: Never do it again (Sincerely, Marcus Allen -- CBS Sports)

He doesn't get it. And after yesterday's interview, it's obvious he never will.