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T-shirts, hoodies and more can be found here. The designs are super simple, with no mention of myself or the blog anywhere on the gear. That's the way I like things, and I figured you'd feel the same way. If you have any special requests, hit me up and I'll add them to the store. Enjoy.

7 responses to "The people have spoken: Here is your Angry Banana wear"

  1. Hi do you know if they can make the baseball jerseys available for kids sizes (XS)?


  2. Tweeting about Spezza having a low IQ is pretty hilarious. What kind of IQ is required to be an unsuccessful sports writer in a third tier city?


  3. A1: No, sorry.

    The Universal Cynic

  4. A2: What kind of coward hides behind an anonymous handle to complain on my blog about something I said on Twitter? I'd also love to hear about your ranking system for NHL cities sometime, but I'm on deadline at Yahoo!, so I'm a bit busy right now. Cheers.

    The Universal Cynic

  5. Deadline for Yahoo. Sounds important. Must be up there in your list of impressive career highlights.

    1) Blogging about a figure skating reality show.

    2) Blogging about not writing a blog about what a former NHL executive told you.

    3) Getting your foot in the door at a terrible newspaper with a once per week column and then not being able to turn that into a real job.

    Good list. You live in a city with the worst quality journalists in sports history and you still can't find a real job. Low IQ.


  6. So you're obsessed with me and you won't leave your name? Cool - a secret admirer! I look forward to the flowers.

    The Universal Cynic

  7. I'd say Erin has done a remarkable job. She certainly seems to have lured you in and made you a fan Mr. Anonymous. You seem to know an awful lot about someone you claim to be so insignificant and irrelevant. It's okay to admit that you sat shaking in a cold sweat from Monday to Saturday each week while you battled withdrawal symptoms waiting for Erin's Sunday column. The best part of the whole thing though is that as soon as you found out she also writes for Yahoo, you couldn't type her name into the search window on the Yahoo home page fast enough to check her out. Cheers!