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As if the Ottawa Senators needed to find new ways to embarrass themselves -- get ready, because here comes "Flickgate."

You are probably aware that Matt Carkner is not my favourite player on the team. But personal dislike has nothing to do with this. As the video shows, Carkner wipes his forehead post-scrap, and flicks his fingers as he skates by the Rangers bench.

Whether it was sweat, blood or a combination of both, it really doesn't matter. This is vile, disrespectful and undisciplined behaviour, and I sincerely hope the league cracks down. Furthermore, Matt Carkner needs to cease with the ridiculous excuses, man up and apologize. Immediately.

2 responses to "Your Ottawa Senators: A Bloody Mess"

  1. Just curious, but why didn't you like Matt Carkner even before this incident? He's sort of been a media and fan darling for making it after years and years of AHL time, but you seem to be the most outraged commenter out there regarding this incident.

    Peter Raaymakers

  2. Media darling? Are you referring to Don Brennan, because I don't think he really counts. Fan darling? Most Senators fans I personally know don't like him - they think he's a defensive liability and a target for mockery in the pugilist department.

    As for being outraged - yeah, I am. And as I was talking to other people on Twitter and via e-mail late last night, so were many others. You don't flick your bodily fluids at others. Do we really have to tell players this?

    The Universal Cynic