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Regardless of what your political affiliations are, it's humourous to hear some say that they want the federal government to back off funding for a Quebec arena, because they want the money to "stay in their pockets." Aww, that's adorable. Do you need a refresher on which country you live in? Money will always be demanded from the taxpayers, regardless of which party is in power. If it's not this project, it will be something else. That doesn't mean it's necessarily OK to fund this arena, but to assume that we'll all be spared a few bucks if it doesn't get done is naive.

And as for Pierre Karl Peladeau being the serpentine head of this charge (and assumed eventual owner of the new-school Nordiques): I'm sure he can be trusted. After all, everyone cares about hockey. When Quebecor bought Sun Media more than a decade ago, the newspaper business was already shot. It's not like PKP made the situation worse, right? The guy is an amazing, compassionate and competent businessman, and when it comes to NHL ownership, you can't screw it up at all. I'm sure he'll be a fine addition to the league.

More later.

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