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Let me preface all of this by saying, yes, Alyssa Milano is still attractive. However, the 2010 offerings for her sports clothing line, Touch, still leave a lot to be desired. Case in point: I'm pretty sure 99% of female sports fans have never thought the following...

"I'm a woman. I'm a sports fan. And I have a monumental urge to wear two 'P''s on my asscheeks, because dammit, I'm that big of a Phillies fan."

(Ed. note: Is it just me, or do they kind of look like eyes? Is this some sort of "don't stare at the ass, it'll just stare right back" trick?)

Want more? Go here. She almost had me with the Dodgers hoodie, and then I saw that gruesome sundress, circa 1985. Ack.

More later.

3 responses to "Alyssa Milano to the Phillies logo: "Sit on it""

  1. Um...huh..er...whazuh...?

    Oh, I'm sorry TUC. Did you say something? For some strange reason, I was suddenly seized with an overwhelming urge to start throwing batteries.

    Senators Lost Cojones

  2. So this is what the discriminating Baseball Annie/Puck Bunny will be wearing this year? Yikes...

    Dennis Prouse

  3. Do u really like Will Houston's truth&rumors sites after the bullshit he pulled today?? Take him off your list!