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(Beg for a caption much?)

Nothing like overnight restricted access to the blog, right? As always, there's a method behind the madness, and you can trust that you won't be missing anything during any down periods (read: no posts). Thanks again for all the e-mails -- it's nice to be missed, even if only for a few hours.

Of course, a few more bits and pieces have fallen out over the past couple of days -- in particular, Sun Media seems bound and determined to force epic little freakouts at TUC HQ.

Here's the notable excerpt from Exhibit A:


Enough with the talk about Ray Emery's antics. He's gone and shouldn't be blamed for anything else going on with the Senators.

Say it with me: "Whaa?" In other news, it's Igor Kravchuk's fault that the defence has fallen to hell.

And here's the entire post from Exhibit B:

Who doesn't like an Aerosmith ballad?

Hey, dancing is a sport isn't it?
And you know how strong those performers have to be to hang upside down from a pole?

News flash to the media honks: If you want to write about Megan Fox, then brush off your best Simmons (Bill, not Steve) impersonation, and write about Megan Fox. Don't make some blatant reach attempt to find a correlation between a C-list actress and the business. Oh, and for the record: Strippers are "strippers". Classically trained fine arts performers are "dancers". Semantics, you say? Well, maybe you need to learn the difference between receiving a kick from a platform lucite heel as opposed to a pointe shoe. Just saying.

More later.