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Because there's not a lot to talk about, posters at the HFBoards are focusing on the Sens' potential new uniforms and tweaked logo. One poster claims to have found the new logo at the bottom of the Sens' website. When we went to see if it was there, we weren't able to find anything. However, since we've personally seen this logo before, we think it's a safe bet that this is what you'll be seeing in less than two months. The new one's on the left, and the old version's on the right.

As you can see (at least we hope), it's a very minor alteration. The Senator is now facing a smidge more to the side, his chin was raised, additional, uh, cape is visible, and his helmet almost looks like it's covering more of his face. This led The Driver to remark, "It looks like he's wearing a hoodie." I can also tell you from memory that the brush-thing (such technical terms being used on here today) on his helmet seems more prominent and full.

The one thing that's bothering me is that the logo looks less pissed off and intense. If the damned thing could talk, I picture it saying, "Yeah...I'll play hockey. Or not. Whatever." I expect the logo to reflect the red-assed nature of this franchise and its fans. It needs a 25% bitterness upgrade.